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Daivoon Dive Center goes Tec
Bridge the gap between recreational diving and technical diving

our Mission

We are looking to bridge the gap between the world of recreational and technical diving. In the modern diving industry the jump to becoming a technical diver is difficult. Thanks to the SSI Extended Range programs we can try to make this transition as easy as possible for you!


Twinset & Sidemount


Sidemount Specialist


Twinset & Sidemount

Why should you choose Daivoon Tec?

After running a dive center for many years and having lots of differnt experiences and backgrounds in diving we decided it would be time for us to EXTEND our RANGE.
We were lucky enough to able to learn from one of the best in the field who is also an XR International Training Director for SSI.
After soaking up as much knowledge as possible and gaining even more experience in the field we felt it was time to keep sharing this knowledge.

We offer all our courses both in backmount and sidemount so you can learn the way you feel most comfortable.

We will take our time to perfect all aspects of the courses to make you the safest and most confident and competent diver possible.

Everyone can benefit from technical training. Even if you don´t want to do deep and long decompression dives entry level technical diving will take your recreational diving to the next level.

XR Teaser

Here you can see a short video summarising what we offer. All the courses we teach both in backmounted doubles and sidemount configuration. We believe that YOU should find the configuration that works best for you and even if sidemount diving has a cave diving background we think that it can aslo offer some advantages in the open water.


The course XR Foundations teaches you all the nessecary skills to complete technical dives. This course can be completed in various configurations.

The course Extended Range teaches you to plan and execute decompressiondives up to 45m and 25 minutes of decompression dime.

The course XR Sidemount focuses on the perfect configuration for sidemount diving in an advanced/technical setting to ensure your comfort and safety.

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